Medical Laboratory Services

These services involve study of body fluid to determine abnormalities. Medical tests are carried out under different sections of the laboratory like Microbiology, Biochemistry, Haematology, Immunology, Virology, and Serology. We are committed to providing you with continuity of care, high-quality service by producing accurate, precise, relevant and comprehensive data.

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Radiology ( X-Ray ) services

X-ray imaging is vital to diagnose any physical lesions and abnormalities. Radiology helps in medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases. An area of a body is exposed to minimal dose of radiation to produce an image. X-Ray imaging helps in quick and easier diagnosing injuries, fractures, bone diseases, cancer or other different conditions. X-ray procedures include spine, chest, abdomen, extremities, etc. It's often the first point of i...

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Clinical Services [Physical Examination]

A physical examination is an evaluation of the body and its functions using inspection, palpation (feeling with the hands), percussion (tapping with the fingers), and auscultation (listening). A complete health assessment also includes gathering information about the patient's personal history and past medical history.


  1. Screening of disease.
  2. Check for possible diseases so they...
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Electrocardiography is done to evaluate the heart rate rhythm and electrical activity with the use of leads. ECG is carried out by specially trained healthcare professional. It is often used alongside other tests. It helps in diagnosing and monitoring the conditions affecting the heart. ECG helps in detecting:

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