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Green Medical Center Pvt. Ltd. (GMC) was established on 2060 BS (2003 AD) under Company Act 2053 BS. It is located conveniently in Sinamangal, Kathmandu Metropolitan City-9. The company is registered on Office of the Company Registrar and approved by Ministry of Health and Population as well as Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security to function as a complete solution for health screening foreign employment candidates. Our focus is to provide comparatively best service in good environment for each and every person. GMC is well managed and highly equipped with competent staff offering foreign employment agency community and every stakeholder quick, easy and convenient visa medical test services.

We are proud to announce that our success rate in the field of foreign employment medical test accuracy result is very high and we are very serious to improve further. Our experience and recent inclusion of modern equipment will help us achieve our goal of providing quality and efficient services.

Visa Medicals: We provide mandatory, DOFE (Department of Foreign Employment) certified visa medical tests services for both individuals and large corporate groups, at standard government pricing. Visa medical screenings are completed within 15 to 30 minutes and results in the form of a DOFE fitness certificate are made available within 24 hours as standard.




Our team acts ethically and professionally. We are fair and honest and do not tolerate coercive or misleading practices.


We take personal responsibility for all we do that is under our control. We hold ourselves accountable to our colleagues and all those who depend on us.


Our team upholds and complies with all applicable laws and regulations. We uphold the standards of practice by complying with current business policies and procedures


Our team respects the confidentiality of our patients and colleagues as well as their information. We do not share this information without their prior written consent or as otherwise directed under law. Our team preserves intellectual property and moral rights of the company and associated stakeholders.


We treat our patients, colleagues and clients with respect and courtesy, regardless of their background and individual or cultural differences. We do not support any form of discrimination or harassment. We encourage utilization of knowledge and experience at workplace. Our team exercises diligence, duty of care obligations and avoiding conflicts of interest. We abide by our Core Values.


We look for and build good working relationships to achieve our common goals and foster good teamwork. This allows us to work collaboratively in a respectful, open and honest manner.


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